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Hole-in-One Club SignUp

Can you do it in one shot?

CGA Hole-in-One Club


The Hole in One must be at Chestatee.

The Hole in One does not have to be at a CGA Event. 

The USGA® recommends that a hole-in-one be considered valid: 

      *  If the player is playing one ball; a hole-in-one made in a practice round in which the player is playing two or more balls should not be acceptable.

      *  If made during a round of at least nine holes, except that a hole-in-one made during a match should be acceptable even if the match ends before the stipulated round is completed.

      *  If made at a hole with a temporary tee and/or putting green in use, even if the Committee did not specifically define the teeing ground with tee-markers; the length of the hole at the time should be stated on any certificate.

      *  If attested by someone acceptable to the Committee. 

You must be paid, in good standing to receive your winnings. (No ticky, no washy)

 An Ace gets ten bucks times all players registered and paid. (we currently have 73 members registered so potentially $730.00).

Venmo or pay cash/check to our Treasurer, Keith Morris $10.00

As soon as an Ace is announced we will re-ante and pay Keith $10.00 again. 

  •     *  In the rare event that we have 2 Aces in one day, we would pay Keith $20; $10 for the player with the second Ace of the day and $10 back in the pot for a future Ace.

We will keep the Club operating even during the off season.