TEES:  All players will play from the tees chosen when player joined the CGA.

ENTRY FEE:  $40 for Tournament payouts​. â€‹Green fee for each match played.

DATE:  1st Matches will be held the weekend of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May.

FORMAT:  Match Play.  Bracket pairings will be determined by the CGA Board. All pairings and match results will be available by clicking on the "Brackets and Results" button below.

Each player plays his own ball until holing out, conceding the hole or until his opponent concedes a putt or a hole.  Handicaps will be applied to each match and will be based off 100% of the player's course handicap from the tees chosen when player joined the CGA.  Scorecards will be dotted for each match based off the lower handicap of the two contestants.  Example:  A 10-handicapper is playing a 6-handicapper.  The player with the course handicap of 10 will receive four strokes in the match (10 - 6 = 4) and those will be the only holes dotted on the card.

Matches will numbered and the corresponding Match scorecard will be available in a folder at the "score posting" desk in the pro shop. Completed and signed scorecards should be deposited into the Match Play dropbox also located at the score posting desk.

To assist us when scoring your match, please follow the scoring method used in the sample scorecard photo below.

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PRIZES:  Cash payouts with exact payouts to be determined after the field has been set.

DISCLAIMERThe Chestatee Golf Association is in no way connected to or associated with the Chestatee Golf Club

Updated 3/30/2020

MATCH WINDOW:  Match Play first round matches will need to be completed the weekend of May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  For the remaining matches players have two weeks to complete each match.  If the two-week period expires without one of the competitors forfeiting the match, the CGA will use a coin flip to determine the winner of that match.  Nobody wants that, so all players are encouraged to use their best efforts to schedule each match as promptly as possible. You can find your opponent's contact information on the Members link on the CGA homepage.