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All players will play from the tees based on Chestatee Golf Club's tournament tee selection policy.


All play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf subject to Chestatee Golf Club's Local Rules

Top 16 and ties in POY standings through the Senior Club Championship

Time TBD


There will be two parts to this year's Derby Day Shootout.

9-Hole Playoff

The 16 qualifiers will compete in a 9-hole playoff.  Each player will receive 80% of his course handicap (divided by two for nine holes and rounded to the nearest 1/2 stroke).  Handicaps will be adjusted based on the predominant tees used to establish the handicaps of the 16 players.  

The player with the lowest net score from the 9-hole playoff will receive 16 POY points, 2nd place will receive 15 points, 3rd place will receive 14, etc., down to 1 point for the last place finisher.


POY points will be tallied after the 9-hole playoff, and the top four in POY standings will participate in a 3-hole shootout.  The 4 remaining players start and the player with the highest net score is eliminated after each shootout hole.  In case of a tie on a hole, players will chip off to determine who is eliminated on that hole.  If the two remaining players on the last hole tie, they will replay the final hole until a winner is determined.

Each hole played during the Shootout will be worth 3 POY points, with the Shootout winner receiving 12 POY points, 2nd place receiving 9, 3rd place 6 and 4th place 3 points. Those points will be added to the player’s previous total to decide the Final POY standings and our Player of the Year.  



Saturday, October 27





Credit Book payouts will be awarded to the field.